When Should You Stop Driving Your Vehicle & Have it Towed in Haltom City, TX? Warning Lights Come On & More

It is important for all drivers to know when their car trouble is too much and it is time to have their vehicle towed. Certain auto problems or conditions can become worse if you continue to drive the vehicle. Other times the vehicle may become too unsafe to drive. When you need to stop driving the vehicle, it is time to contact a towing service. To know when to contact a towing service, Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share when you should stop driving your vehicle and when to call for towing services.

Unsafe Driving Conditions

It is important to stop driving a vehicle if it develop a problem that may cause an accident or danger to the driver or other drivers on the road. If the brakes feel odd or are not stopping the vehicle like they should, this can become a major hazard. Other unsafe conditions include if your vehicle’s power steering goes out and it becomes difficult to turn. If something goes wrong with your vehicle’s lights, you should not drive your vehicle at night. It is better to consider the safety of others and yourself. If your vehicle becomes unsafe to drive, then don’t! Contact a towing service to deliver your vehicle to your home or to your mechanic.

Car Giving Off a Weird Smell

If you are driving along and you suddenly catch the scent of a strange odor, this can be a sign of a major problem. A vehicle’s engine can develop odd odors when the engine overheats and loses its fluids. A vehicle uses a number of different fluids such as oil, gasoline, coolant, and braking fluid. Lack of braking fluid means you cannot stop your vehicle safely and with control. Lack of coolant and oil can cause the vehicle to overheat and the engine can seize up. If you can smell gasoline, this can lead to a fire. If you smell odd odors coming from your engine, it is much safer to have the vehicle towed to your mechanic for repair.

Car Making a Funny Noise

Like odd odors, funny noises from your engine is never a good sign either. If you hear a loud grinding noise you should stop driving your vehicle immediately. The same goes for a knocking, whirring or screeching noise. This is a sign of major engine failure. The engine could be overheating which can lead to the complete failure of your engine. If your engine is making any of these funny and loud noises, stop driving the vehicle and have it towed.

Warning Lights Come On in Car

Pay attention to your vehicle’s warning lights, especially if the engine is showing signs of overheating or low fluids. The check engine light may be a simple problem like a dirty air filter or low window washer fluid. Some problems aren’t that big of a deal. However, overheating or low fluid can lead to total engine failure. It is much better to avoid driving the vehicle. If the check engine light pops on, pull over and take a look at your engine. Modern vehicle warning lights will often advise you of the problem.

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There are times it is better to simply not drive your vehicle and have it towed. Do not risk turning a smaller problem into a much bigger one. If your vehicle is having a problem and you need towing services, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance today.

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