Most Common Car Accident Injuries in Ennis, TX; Whiplash, Head & Dashboard Knee Injury

When you are driving around town your mind is set on the tasks you need to accomplish. This might be getting to work on time or filling your trunk with your groceries. People leave the house on a daily basis and are on a mission to do lots of things. When you start to have a problem with your car it can really cause delays when you are in a hurry. Even worse than that is when you are in a car accident. This is a scary time and whether you are at fault or not the first thing that you need to worry about are the injuries that can be sustained. If no one has been injured consider yourself lucky and start looking for a way to have your car towed away from the crash site. You need to get it to a location that it can be repaired and back on the road. When you are in an accident there are lots of injuries that seem to be quite common. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance outlines the most common injuries when you are involved in a car crash.

Car Accident Head Injury

When you are driving you are surrounded by glass and metal that make up your car. The problem is that your body and your head is not far from any of these areas. The majority of cars do have air bags that will deploy when you are in an accident but injuries can still be sustained. You can get a hear injuries from hitting the air bag, window, steering wheel and more. The other reason that many people get a head injury is from a loose piece of debris that is in the car and can start to move around the car. Lastly a head injury can be occur when your head is moved around during the impact and your brain can press against the side of your skull. A head injury can have long term effects and that can become serious if it is over looked.

Whiplash Symptoms from Car Accident

Aside from a head injury topping the list of injuries is whiplash. You are secured in the car with a seat belt and if you are sitting properly you can get through an accident without injury. The problem is that the head and neck are not very secure except by your own strength. This is why the impact can cause your neck to whip back then forward. This causes what is referred to as whiplash. The injury often requires the help of a healthcare professional. A great way to avoid whiplash is to get in the habit of sitting forward and off the back of the seat. Your head will be able to move more naturally if you are hit or are in an accident.

Dashboard Knee Injury

If you are hit from behind or you are hit from the front your seat will push forward. It can also cause the front end to mash up into the dash. This is why many people will have a knee injury. The knee injury comes when your bent knee hits the hard dash. This can require surgery to repair the injury that was sustained.

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