Reasons Electric Cars Need Roadside Assistance in Euless, TX; Run Out of Charge, Battery Decay & More

Electric cars are becoming ever more popular as many more people want to impact our environment less and less. Electric cars are becoming more affordable and are being seen on the road far more often. However, even electric car owners can find themselves needing roadside assistance. Speedway Towing can provide assistance to both electric cars and fuel powered vehicles. Here are some of the most common roadside assistance services provided to electric cars.

Electric Cars Can Run Out of Charge

One of the most common causes for an electric car break down is often due to a drained battery. Electric cars are powered by their enhanced battery systems. Sometimes the car owner may forget to charge their vehicle or even have the plug set in the charger improperly, and therefore, the vehicle didn’t charge. As the battery ages they also drain quicker. Often roadside assistance services can bring a portable battery charger to help power the battery enough to get the car to its charging station. If the battery is unable to be charged enough, they can be towed.

Electric Vehicle Battery Decay

Cheaper electric car batteries can decay and break down very quickly as well as older batteries. When the battery begins to break down and/or decay, they won’t hold a charge. When a portable battery charge fails, it is often because the battery simply needs to be replaced. Some roadside assistance services can bring a new battery. However, an electric car battery is a specialty. Sometimes it can be hard to find the right battery. In that event, the vehicle can be towed back to the owner’s home where they can get a proper battery.

Bad Regenerative Braking System

Electric cars use a similar braking design as regular vehicles. However, electric cars have a unique aspect to their braking system. Electric cars are designed to control the brakes system to prevent severe degradation. Other brake designs allow the driver to continue to use their brakes, even when their brake pads are down to the bone. This causes rotor damage. To prevent damaging the rotors, electric cars can take over the braking system. It is important for the driver to have an awareness of this feature. When their vehicle brakes seem to take too long to stop the car, then the brake pads need to be changed. Roadside assistance services can tow your vehicle to a mechanic, and some may even be able to change the brake pads themselves.

Problem with Electric Car Tires

Electric cars are surprisingly, very heavy. The battery and conversion systems are much heavier than other vehicles, and that weight rests on the tires. Electrical vehicles often require diligent tire maintenance, or the weight can lead to early tread wear, blowouts and flats. Tire problems are very common for both fuel and electric powered vehicles. Roadside assistance service is always ready to provide aid for tire related problems.

Towing & Roadside Assistance Services in Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, Carrollton & Plano Texas

Car failures comes in many forms. When a fuel or electric vehicle breaks down, it’s important to know you are not alone. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance provides both towing and roadside assistance services, 24/7. If you drive a fuel or electric vehicle and need help, contact Speedway Towing.

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