Most Common Vehicle Breakdown Problems in Grapevine, TX; Dead Battery, Flat Tire & More

There are a number of reasons as to why your vehicle may become disabled and no one ever wants to be in that bind. Below Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to discuss the common reasons why motorists are stranded and a few tips to help you minimize the risk.

Reasons Your Car May Break Down While Driving

Battery Problems: Batteries can be fickle in extreme temperatures; both intense heat and blistering cold. Age can also influence the efficiency of the automobile’s battery as well as if the battery is drained from leaving light operating extended periods of time.
1) Don’t unnecessarily keep your vehicle running.
2) Each time you leave your vehicle, ensure the lights are off, both interior and exterior.
3) Replace your battery every five years.
Brake Problems: Realizing your brakes are no longer operational can be a potentially fatal risk factor and it is better to stay put and let help come to you rather than risk your life or lives in your path. If your brakes are reacting slowly get pulled over as soon as possible.
1) Change the brake pads according to the dealer’s recommended schedule or as soon as possible if you notice a change.
Flat Tires: Flat tires can occur by hitting road debris, curbs on just the right angle as well as finding an implement that can puncture it on your travels as well as temperatures.
1) Routinely check your tire pressure and keep the proper amount of air in your tires.
2) Ensure you rotate your tires; which helps keep them in optimal condition.
3) Avoid running over such hazards as road debris and potholes by keeping your eyes directly on the road.
4) Always keep a spare tire inside of your vehicle. Consider purchasing run-flat tires, as these tires enable you to drive on a flat for several miles.
Running Out of Gas: Whether you wanted to push the gas tank to the limit or simply didn’t realize you were lacking fuel; running out of gas is especially common to the stranded motorists.
1) Avoid running out of gas by making sure you always maintain ¼ tank of fuel at the minimum. 2) When traveling, always top off your tank when you make a stop; even if you have seemingly plenty of fuel.
3) Don’t be left on the side of the road because your fuel gauge is unreliable, keep track of your mileage instead.
Vehicle Overheating: When your vehicle overheats, especially when the engine emits smoke, it can be an overwhelming experience. Routinely and frequently, check the fluid levels and make certain they are all where the manufacture owner’s manual instruct.
1) If your vehicle begins to overheat, immediately switch the heat on inside your cabin to remove the heat from the engine until you are able to pull over safely.

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When it comes to your vehicle being disabled, you need a reliable source to come and offer the assistance you need to get you off the road safely and we Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance can offer our towing or roadside assistance services to help you. Keep out contact information stored in your phone to reach us quickly and conveniently.

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