Motorcycle Safety Tips for New & Advanced Riders in Irving, TX; What to Wear When Riding & More

Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and are quick to steer where larger vehicles, like trucks and cars are not. The good news is, if you are careful on the road, you can avoid a call to a motorcycle towing company for emergency roadside service.

Motorcycle Safety Tips to Avoid Breaking Down & Needing a Tow or Roadside Service

1. What to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle. When the warm temperature arrives, it makes it an ideal time to head out on the open road. Don’t make the mistake of wearing shorts and t-shirts on a hot day. While this allows for the wonderful feeling of the wind against your skin, it can leave very little protection between your skin and the rough pavement below should you have an accident. You need to invest in proper riding gear. You can go all out and but gear with reinforced fabric to go with the standard jeans or leather to protect your skin. No clothing will save your life but a helmet can and is an essential part of your attire.
3. Motorcycle Weather Trip Planner. Bad weather conditions can get the best of you even if you have the best tires on your bike. Driving in the rain can poses challenges. Roads that are slippery combined with unclear views make it harder to maneuver safely through busy traffic. If you’re taking a long trip, check the weather report. If you are uneasy then take your car instead. If you choose to take the motorcycle then dress for the weather, keep your eyes on the road, take your time and move to the side of the road if conditions get bad.
2. Motorcycle Defensive Driving. You need to keep your eye on other drivers all time when you’re driving a motorcycle. It’s harder for other cars to see you with your smaller size and even harder for larger commercial trucks to see you. It takes a lot longer for them to stop than it takes you so don’t follow too closely. You can take a course to help you learn defensive driving and provide practice to avoid collisions that can happen in real life. This will lower the chances you will need a motorcycle tow.
4. Practice Riding a Motorcycle. Even if you’ve been driving for years there is always more you can learn. Take a course to refresh your skills and take your bike out for long practice sessions. Choose areas where there are fewer drivers so you can practice without any distractions. While practicing won’t make you a perfect driver, it will definitely help you avoid some dangerous situations and avoid needing to make a call to the towing company.

Motorcycle Towing Services in Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, Carrolton & Plano Texas

Your motorcycle can break down at any time. Motorcycle towing is designed to successfully transport a motorcycle to the intended destination. Towing motorcycles is different than towing other vehicles because they aren’t as stable and require extra care. Flatbed towing offers the most stability in towing your motorcycle but there are also motorcycle towing cradles and two-wheel motorcycle trailers. If you need more information on motorcycle towing, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance today!

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