Road Trip Safety Essentials Checklist in Benbrook, TX; Seat Belts, Directions, Car Service & More

Lots of people take advantage of the holiday time off work to visit loved ones out of town. Since flying is not always an option, and some simply prefer the road trip, hitting the road is common. While making your way on a long stretch of road, you want to ensure you get there safe and without incident. With this in mind, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to take the opportunity to share some suggestions to keep you safe and increase the efficiency of your trip.

Lives are Saved By Seat Belts Each Year

This is a must; where it may go without saying for some, too many will unbuckle their seat belts in an effort to increase confront in such a confined space. The number one cause of death is car accidents are ages 1 to 54 year-olds who simply were not wearing a seat belt. Just wearing your seat belt can reduce the risk of getting injured or killed by 50%.

Car Service Before a Long Trip

The vehicle should be road worthy by getting fresh maintenance. Schedule your tire rotation, oil changes, and other maintenance prior to your departure. The day before you leave, double check the tire pressure and tread, wiper blades, oil and fluid levels.

Rest Up Before a Road Trip

Drooping eyelids, poor reaction time, maintaining lane control, and your ability to make sound decisions decrease when you drive tired. There are over 1,500 fatal car accidents every year due to drowsy drivers. Being awake for 18 hours will have your brain functioning much like a person with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.05% according to studies. This is the equivalent of a 160-pound man driving an hour after consuming five beers.

Bring Back Up Driving Directions & Prepare GPS

Construction detours, extreme weather and other circumstances can cause you to take an alternative route. Even if you know the way, having an updated GPS and backup plans either printed out or screenshot to your phone can be helpful.

Road Trip Supplies

It is never ideal to run short of fuel. Keeping a full gas can with you in case of an emergency is encouraged, as well as other essential fluids your vehicle needs to function. Make sure your spare tire, and the appropriate equipment to change it, are with you and functional. Have an emergency roadside kit that include road flares or reflector triangles to increase visibility, as well as jumper cables, flashlight, poncho, a basic first aid kit, and items you feel are necessary. Also, you need a good balanced of healthy and junk food for you and your passengers. Health foods, sugary treats, and salty snacks should be well-balanced.

Entertain Yourself on a Road Trip

If you have young ones in the car, entertainment can be a lifesaver. Include portable DVD players, music, travel games, portable games systems, and books to keep your passengers entertained and less distracted.

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