Strategies to Prevent Drunk Driving in Lewisville, TX; Importance of a Designated Driver

Friday is frequently the day of the week that people look forward to the most. Everyone is ready to get to their weekend and enjoy some days off with their family and friends. Many people like to go out with their friends and have a few drinks. Enjoying the drinks comes easy but getting home safely after drinking is not as easy. Drinking and driving is extremely dangerous. It is important that you have a plan for how you are going to safely get home after drinking. Assigning someone to be the designated driver is the easiest solution. There are many benefits to remembering to have a designated driver when you are out drinking.

Drive Your Car Home Service

The largest benefit of having a designated driver is that everyone can arrive home safely after a night of fun. When you have been drinking your reaction time and critical thinking skills are impaired. Your odds of causing an accident significantly increase when you drink and drive. The designated driver can safely pick up and drop off everyone back at home afterwards.

A Designated Driver Improves Road Safety for Other Motorists

Not only will your friends get home safely but so will all of the drivers on the road. Drinking and driving is an extremely selfish thing to do. Every car that you are on the road with is in danger when they unknowingly share the road with a drunk driver. Keep everyone safe and have a designated driver! In addition, when you know that you will be able to arrive home safely you will be able to enjoy your evening without the worry about driving safe. You do not want the nagging feeling of how you are going to safely arrive at home ruin your fun. Friday nights are for relaxing and you do not want anything to get in the way of that.

Prevent a DUI

If you get pulled over by a police officer when you have been drinking there are large consequences. Even though you may feel fine it is possible to be legally drunk after having only two drinks. When you are pulled over the police officer can test your breath for alcohol. If you have alcohol on your breath you will be charged with a DUI. DUI’s can force you to spend time in jail, perform community service, pay large fines, and lose your license.
When you pick your designated driver you want to be smart about it. Selecting a person who is ALWAYS drunk is not a wise choice for your designated driver. They likely will not be able to handle not drinking for the evening.

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Many friend groups alternate who is the designated driver so that it is not always the same person. You will want to make sure you select your designated driver before the evening begins and they have already started drinking. One other option that is available in today’s society is hiring an Uber or Lyft driver. In the past hiring a taxi cab driver was too expensive for most people to consider. Uber and Lyft have made it more affordable to hire a driver to safely return you home. All of us here at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance hope that you take these tips seriously. Some of our most sobering calls are to the scenes of a drunk driving incident. We hope that we never have to see you at one of those accident scenes because you safely use a designated driver when you are out drinking. Contact us for all your towing and roadside needs.

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