Roadside Emergency Car Kit List in Fort Worth, TX; from First Aid Items to Warning Triangle Reflectors

It is important to be prepared at all times, especially when you’re on the road. It is recommended for everyone to have an emergency kit that you keep in your vehicle. There are a number of scenarios out there and you never know what you will need in your emergency kit. This is why Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will help you put together an emergency kit to prepare you for any situation you might find yourself in.

List of Emergency Roadside Car Kit Item Ideas

Extra Phone Charger – You never know when you may break down and if your phone will be fully charged. It is a good idea to keep a phone charger in your emergency kit.
First Aid Kit – In the event someone gets injured, and you’re broken down on the side of the road, it good to have a basic first aid kit to aid an injury.
Fire Extinguisher – Keep a fire extinguisher in your vehicle that is rated Class B and Class C which is designed for liquid fires from gasoline or other flammable fuels. Make sure the fire extinguisher is rated by the Fire Protection Association to ensure its effectiveness.
Warning Triangles – If you’ve broken down on a busy road, or even a dark road, it is a good idea to keep at lease three reflective warning triangles. Each triangle should be 50 feet away from each other marking your vehicles position.
Tire Gauge – Every kit should contain a tire gauge. It’s good to check your tires regularly to make sure you have proper pressure. If tires are always low, it could indicate a problem with the tires.
Foam Tire Sealant – If your tire has a puncture, or is going flat, a good way to temporarily recover your tire is to use a tire foam sealant. It is a cheap way to limp you tire along a little longer until you can get to a tire repair shop.
Jumper Cables – Batteries die all the time. Sometime a light was left on or a door was slightly open causing your battery to drain a bit and all that’s needed to get you rolling again is a quick jump. This is why it’s a good idea to carry jumper cables. Once can usually find someone who can give you can jump.
Flashlight and Flares – Your kit should contain a flashlight with extra batteries and flares to help provide light and signal when you’re in trouble.
Gloves and Rags – you never know when you need gloves to clean your vehicle or protect your hands. Rags may be needed to help clean hoses, the battery, or for other similar uses. Therefore, gloves and clean rags should be in your emergency kit for a number of reasons.
Duct Tape – What doesn’t duct tape fix? Duck tape can help stop a leak from a hose along with many other useful repairs.
Tow Straps – Keep a tow strap, rope, or chain that can handle t least 6000 pounds.
Shovel and Cat Litter – A shovel can help dig your tires out of sand, mud, or snow. Cat litter can provide traction if your tire gets stuck.
Water and Food – Also keep a big bottle of water with non-perishable snacks in the car in case you’re stuck for a while. Also keep a gallon of water that can be used to cool down an over heating engine.
Warm Blanket – In case you wait around for help late at night or during the winter and you’re stuck in your vehicle, a blanket can provide you heat. Keep a warm blanket in your vehicle to help keep you and even your passengers warm.

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