Signs of Bad Tires & Tire Wear Problems in Benbrook, TX; Inspection, Tread Test & More

Checking the state of your tires isn’t a concern for most, and typically, people don’t pay it too mind. Not realizing how worn your tire tread is until it is too late, will unfortunately leave you stranded with tires that are not longer operable more often than not. It is optimal to have your tires replaced to avoid hearing the screeching and popping of worn tires. Worn out tires is not only an inconvenience when they take a toll during a drive, but it is a severe hazard risk you pose to yourself as well as others. The result of worn and damaged tires can cause serious accidents as well as impose damage to the vehicle for a number of reasons, but the primary reasons are that it greatly affects the balance of the wheels. Including routine tire maintenance in the overall care of your vehicle and regularly checking the condition of your tires can significantly minimize the scenarios of damage.

Signs of Bad Tires

Bearing this in mind, we at Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance would like to disclose a few red flags as to indicate the tire is worn so you can replace them before serious issues occur.
1) Tire Penny Tread Test: As one of the best ways to look for any potential problems on the treads, grab a penny, to inspect the tires for healthy grooves and ridges. In the center of the tread with the head facing up, place the penny. The tires need replacing immediately in the event you can see the top of the penny head. If you should see Abe Lincoln’s head on the coin you will have to eventually replace the treads within a few months. Your tires are still good if you do not see the hair and the tires pass the penny test, however, just be sure to once a month perform the penny test to keep tabs on your tires.
2) Inspect Tires: Checking your tires is something that often overlooked by most drivers, as we mentions, but it is a basic and mundane task that should be done. Before you start the driving of the day, take a extra few minutes to check the condition of your tires. Without any wear and tear on them, healthy tires should have visible grooves and ridges. Adjoining bars forming between the treads need to be inspected as well. Look to see if your tires picked up any foreign objects that might cause a flat, such as nails or screws while looking for wear on your tire.
3) Tire Measuring: A professional inspection is ideal as they are equipped to handle a full assessment with their tools to check the tread for wear and/or damage with their experience. After your vehicle is raised high above on a dolly, each wheel is spun as part of the diagnostic testing and included in an efficient maintenance the diameters are precisely measured. You can ask the professionals to examine the tires as well during the tire rotation service.

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