Signs of a Faulty Transmission in Colleyville, TX; Fluid Leaking from Car, Clunking Noise, Gear Grinding & More

When your vehicle’s transmission fails on the road it often requires a towing service to help recover your vehicle. The transmission is the heart of and automobile once it fails, the engine cannot function properly. When the transmission begins to show signs of failure it is always best to seek mechanical repairs right away to avoid a costly breakdown. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will share signs of transmission failure so you can prevent a breakdown.

Fluid Leaking from Car

When a transmission begins leaking its transmission fluid, know that this is never good news. Transmission fluid can leak from the stem, pan gasket, torque converter seal, and the fluid lines. When the transmission fluid develops a leak it can be easily seen as the transmission fluid is a reddish color. If you see reddish colored fluid underneath your vehicle then there is a leak that needs attention soon. Some transmission fluid is a green color and the green color will vary based on age.

Clunking Noise from Car

Do you hear a clunking noise coming from the engine while changing gears? If so, this is a sign there is a problem with the transmission. The clunking noise points to the transmission and tells you it has a problem switching gears. This will require mechanical assistance to determine the failure point in the transmission. If you hear the clunking noise within the engine seek mechanical service to avoid a break down. For those who may hear a bumping noise while the vehicle is in the neutral position, this can point to a different problem. A bumping noise while in neutral can indicate that there is no fluid getting to the transmission. The fluid may have completely leaked out or the fluid line is blocked.

What Does Transmission Fluid Smell Like?

When there is a burning odor coming from the engine, that is never a good sign either. The transmission is overheating which can lead to complete transmission failure. If the transmission is overheating this can be due to a clog in the transmission, a fluid leak or the fluid is dirty and old. To prevent complete failure of the transmission have the transmission line checked and possibly changed out.

Gear Grinding

When you feel a grinding or vibration in the gears, especially in an automatic, this is another major sign of transmission failure. When the RPM changes in an automatic and you hear and feel a grinding during gear changes, the transmission’s gears are actually grinding. In a manual transmission a grinding sound in the gear points to a problem in the clutch more than the transmission itself. The clutch may have degraded and needs to be replaced.

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Transmission failure can leave the vehicle unusable. If you break down on the road you will not be able to get your vehicle home or to a mechanic on its own. Transmission failures often require towing services to help transport the vehicle to the mechanic or to your home. If you experience transmission failure on the road and need timely towing services, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance today.

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