What to Do if Car Breaks Down on the Highway in Cleburne, TX; Select a Safe Lane, Seek Roadside Assistance & More

Driving on the highways offers commuters the opportunity to save time. With the higher speeds, no stops, and a steady flow, many people prefer the convenience of using the highways, whether they are traveling or simply have miles to cover for day to day needs. However, the highways can be less convenient when the vehicle breaks down and you are stranded in a sea of speeding vehicles. With the higher speeds and even distracted drivers, it can be a rather overwhelming experience, and few know how to remedy the situation safely. Today, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share recommendations and suggestions to help you get out of this predicament safely and efficiently. These steps are important since as the driver, you are responsible for staying safe and also keeping other passengers safe. These steps below provide you to make an informed and calculated decision.

Select a Safe Lane

Your vehicle will show some signs of disturbance in most cases. Unexpected noises may start to develop. Start moving towards the safe lane should you notice anything similar. Avoid driving down the middle of the highway. When you are moving towards the safe lane, make use of warning lights to make other drivers aware.

Seek Roadside Assistance

If you are unprepared for a towing and roadside assistance service, use your smart phone to search in your browser for ‘Breakdown recovery near me’ or ‘local breakdown recovery’. This can help you find local experts to provide services. Once you have the number, make the call. The dispatcher will want your name, car make and model and some other information along with your location and will send an expert to you. If you have the means, and you are likely to be reminded, you may be asked to use location markers if you are on a highway. To help minimize the wait, they do everything they can to send a professional to your location.

If Possible, Leave Your Broken Down Car

If your car has suddenly stopped working you are likely to be in a panicky situation. It is critical to keep yourself calm and move out of your vehicle, however. It is not an ideal safety situation to sit inside a car broken down somewhere on a highway. The threat of fast approaching vehicles should never be dismissed. Only if there is a safe place away from traffic and the vehicle, you should gather the passengers and any pets and wait for assistance away from the vehicle.

Avoid Self-Help Dependence

Don’t rely on self-help, even when you know what’s wrong and you also know that you can fix it. Because the vehicle has suddenly stopped working, it is not a wise move to count on self-help. Allow a company offering local breakdown recovery services help you. Doing it on your own can out yourself at high risk.
Keep Safety a Priority. Find a safe place and stay there while you are waiting for help. From every car crossing your way do not ask for help, you can cause traffic issues and put others at risk.

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