Signs of a Poor Quality Towing Company in Plano, TX; Neglected Tow Truck Equipment & More

You never know what conditions might lead you to need a tow or roadside assistance. The possibilities are endless. Though modern vehicles are fairly reliable these days, there is not to say driver error, mechanical, electrical, or computer failure cannot happen due from a number of endless circumstances. When you need a tow or roadside assistance, you may not always know what you are looking for in a company, but there are some red flags that you are dealing with a company that simply delivers poor service or even an illegitimate company. Where most towing companies have high standards, not all carry the same quality. With that in mind, we at Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance would like to share some signs you are dealing with company with low standards and inferior quality services.

Red Flags of Poor Quality Tow Truck Service

1) The appearance of the technician is unkempt and/or unprofessional. Most businesses understand the importance of a professional appearance and the same is said for the towing industry. The technician coming to your aid should be presented accordingly, but keep in mind the position isn’t the cleanest of jobs. But if the technician isn’t uniformed, or their uniform is excessively stained, torn, or just old and grungy, their services are likely not up to par. Towing companies that are reputable will want their crew as presentable as possible and provide the uniforms as frequently as needed. Their appearance reflects their business as they are representing their name and want a good impression.
2) Towing vehicles and equipment are poorly maintained. The outward condition the condition of the truck, equipment and tools should just as be kept and maintained as the technician. The towing vehicles should look inspection-ready in addition to the equipment and tools. Seeing an obvious sign they are unprofessional and do not value their line of work is observing the rusted equipment grit, grime, oil, and other debris built up.
3) Obviously inexperienced towing technician. Avoiding questions, seeing technician is visibly anxious or nervous, and looks relatively clueless point to a company that is not worth much. Reputable towing companies take the time to train their drivers or hire experienced tow truck drivers. Having people they can rely on to carry out their services with precision and quality workmanship only builds up their name.
4) Delayed Response. Whether if it is for a tow or roadside assistance services, more often than night, when you need the help of a towing company, you need someone to quickly respond to your destination. Because location and the many variables stack up, no towing company will oblige a specific time period. An unacceptable lack of courtesy is a company that delays their response to your location over 30 minutes. Again, location plays a big role, but most quality companies know that people are stressed in these types of situations and want to quickly assist those who are in need of their services.

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