Common Driving Mistakes that Can Lead to Breakdowns & Car Accidents in Grapevine, TX

To keep your vehicle safe and efficient on the roads, it requires proper care and maintenance services. When lives get too busy, or ignorance begets neglect, the vehicle can become incapacitated or worse and be involved in a collision. We at Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance would like to share some of the more common mistakes people make that frequently result into issues on the road.

Common Driving Mistakes Even You Probably Make

1) DIY Car Maintenance. It is never a wise move to perform maintenance or repairs on your car if you have never been formally or informally taught how. The inner workings of the vehicle require precise placement. In minor mistakes can result into severe damage and it will likely happen on the road. If you do not know how it is done, let a professional handle it.
2) Replacing Windshield Wipers. What may seem minuscule can also impact the vehicle in a major way. The windshield wipers are a prime example. The wipers dry out and deteriorate over time and use. As they crack and become brittle, not only will the rain not be efficiently cleared but the windshield will be excessively scratched, leading to costly repairs or worse. When the wiper first demonstrates signs of wear, get them replaced promptly.
3) Refill Fluids. To ensure the motor is performing at efficiency, it requires specific fluids and at specific levels. Every time you drive, the fluid is used. Making sure your fluids are where they should be is important. Operating a vehicle without any oil, for example, will destroy the engine, which will require a replacement. To keep your car moving, inspect the levels of all of your fluids regularly, especially to make sure there are no leaks.
4) Replace Worm Brake Pads. Worn brake pads can affect the stopping of your vehicle in addition to the performance of your vehicle’s steering system. Not taking the time to change the brake pads can cause severe accidents. At the first signs of wear, be sure to have your brake pads replaced.
5) Check Engine Warning Light. Eventually leave you stranded, ignoring the light might not lead to serious consequences in the short term. The check engine light could be alerting of you varying issues that could be minor to major. Once that light comes on, avoid driving on it and get it checked out and repaired.
6) Air filter. Air filters need to be replaced frequently. The vehicle can experience a choked engine or other problems when the dirt and debris impedes the proper air flow.
7) Check Tire Pressure. Before heading to work or to run some errands, few even think about what kind of condition their tires are in. Blowouts or other serious vehicle problems are the end result of forgetting to ensure the tires are fair condition and have appropriate air pressure. Check the tires and the air pressure before heading off.
8) Overheated Engine. When the engine is showing obvious signs of being overheated, too many drivers will push their vehicles. It is in your interests to pull over and get assistance as driving with an engine that is overheating is flirting with disaster.

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