Signs Transmission is Going Out in Benbrook, TX; Slipping, Rough Shift, Fluid Leak & More

Taking care of your car takes quite a lot of effort. Of course you want to do the small things that keep it looking great like regular car washes but there is much more. There are lots of working parts and mechanical systems that need to be working and in good condition. If you take care of the car and change the fluids when suggested, fill it with gas and keep good tires on the car it should stay running. Although the car should stay in good condition there are parts of the car that over time may become worn out and could lead to your car breaking down. One part of the car that can wear out and become a problem leading you to be stuck on the side of the road is the transmission. The transmission is the part of the car that sends the proper amount of energy to the tires and wheels so that is goes the speed you intend. It will also shift through the gears to give the car the right amount of power so that it will move smoothly.

Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance Lists How to Know Your Transmission is Going Bad

Is Transmission Slipping?: When you are accelerating your vehicle should be able to go through all the gears as it is needed. If your transmission is slipping the car can seem like it will not get in gear and start to accelerate. The other way you can tell your transmission is starting to slip is if the car seems to switch gears when you are going the same speed. You can tell that this is happening when you hear the engine get louder or quieter when you have not adjusted your speed.
Transmission Has A Rough Shift: When you have a new car and the transmission is in great condition the car will go through the gears smoothly. The gears should be used as needed based on the RPM’s that are being used. When you start to feel your car is shifting from one to the next it can mean that the transmission is starting to go out. You may even notice that when the car shifts from one to the next it takes quite a long time and your RPM’s will be higher than normal.
Transmission Fluid Leak: The transmission is a working part of the car and it needs to be able to work without overheating. If it starts to heat up the car will then overheat leaving you stopping on the side of the road. There is a fluid that is used in the transmission that is usually bright red or darker red. If you start to see a leak you want to lay down some cardboard to find out if the fluid is from the transmission. If you notice a leak it is important to have your car looked at right away.

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