Tips for Preparing for a Tow in Haltom City, TX; Roadside Safety, Towing Destination & More

Most prefer to avoid the many different inconvenient events that occur and one of those circumstances is requiring your vehicle to be towed. This occurrence is not only stressful, but the unfamiliarity can make it a rather daunting task. In a manner of speaking, most folks will play phone book roulette and hope for the best that they contacted a competent professional to show up. When these professionals get there, your fingers are crossed that a well-maintained towing vehicle with quality equipment shows up at your location. There are a few things that are simple and basic that you can do to make your towing experience a lot smoother and less stressful should you ever find yourself in need of a tow in the Greater Irving, TX area.

How to Prepare Your Car or Truck for Towing

1) Have a Towing Company on Speed Dial. You should take the time to research the towing companies that are certified, licensed, and insured to perform such services before you ever need a tow. Check for availability, particularly those with 24-hour service and be sure to read customer reviews. Ensure their roadside & towing service options in their variety. Store their contact information in your cell phone so you have it if you need it, as well as a card kept in your emergency kit once you selected a towing company.
2) Keep Yourself Safe in the Event of a Car Breakdown on the Side of the Road. No matter if the reason for a tow is due to an accident or a breakdown, keeping you and your passengers safe is the top priority. Move the vehicle from the road as far as you can, if applicable. Empty out of the vehicle and have you and your passengers move safely as far from the vehicle as possible and traffic to prevent further complications with oncoming vehicles.
3) Call Your Towing & Recovery Experts. Having stored the contact information to Speedway Towing and Roadside Service in your phone, you can call us quickly and conveniently. Stay calm, and let the dispatcher know your location, the situation’s circumstances, and other pertinent information they ask for. So that we can come prepared with the right equipment to better accommodate the situation, be sure to offer accurate information.
4) Confirm Towing Price & Payment Options. You should have learned how they do their payment options and the cost while you conducted your research and preparing to find the optimal towing company. When you call your company, be sure to confirm the procedures in case they have changed. This way, you can eliminate surprises by asking about the cost and the payment options before they even arrive.
5) Know Where Vehicle is Being Towed. At the place where your vehicle is going to be towed, make necessary arrangements. Once you have had a chance to determine the step, you can let the dispatcher or the driver where the vehicle needs to be taken too, otherwise the truck driver will simply take your vehicle and you to their lot. Keep in mind that the towing service could be cheaper for you by taking it straight to the repair location if you made arrangements with your mechanic.

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