Tow Truck History in Irving, TX Covering Towing Services Such as Flatbed & Wheel Lift

The world would be a much different place without many commodities and services, one of which is towing. When you do need a tow it is especially beneficial even though it is not something you need frequently. If you are ever in need of a tow, a simple phone call can get you the assistance you need quickly. Armed with features and accessories, these heavy trucks will transport your vehicle to the desired location, rescue them if they get stuck in ditches or rough terrain and so much more. But few have ever given this remarkable invention thought as to how it came to be. With that in mind, we at Speedway Towing and Roadside Assistance would like to share a brief history of towing.

First Tow Truck Invented

It started with a challenging and unusual project assigned to a mechanic from Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1916, his name Ernest Holmes. The task was to recover a Ford Model T that had landed in creek when his former professor had lost control of his car and drove off the road. With countless blocks and a lot of makeshift items to serve as tools and props, six men were finally able to rescue the vehicle after approximately eight hours. After this experience, Holmes started his work on developing a simpler method to recover vehicles which would later result in his 1913 Cadillac having a crane and pulley system attached to it. However, though the theory seemed logical and probable, Holmes’ new towing system just wasn’t stable enough to recover vehicles. Holmes was determined to realize his idea and continued to work on his design. Eventually, outriggers were added to his invention for stabilizing and support. By 1919 the tow truck service was born when Holmes patented his machine. Holmes first model was too expensive for commercial consumers and the tow truck was the Holmes 680. To make it more affordable, Holmes made a few alterations to make a cheaper replacement version, the Holmes 485. Holmes later used his 1913 Locomobile for a steam-powered vehicle with a 6 cylinder engine and 4 speed manual transmissions were mounted. Miller Industries bought Holmes’s company back in 1973 and back when the United States entered World War II built vehicles for military use.

Types of Towing Services

Over the years tow trucks continued to evolve and different types of towing systems to handle various scenarios that requires different needs including wheel lift, boom, flatbed, hook and chain as well as integrated systems.
Flatbed: Completely above the ground the vehicle being towed sits on the flatbed and is strapped down securely.
Wheel Lift: Now one of the most common types of towing equipment used today, the wheel lift has a yoke fits under the car’s wheels and lifts part of the car off the ground.
Hook & Chain: Because the equipment can only work for cars with steel bumpers without all-wheel drive or damage the bumpers or drive-train can occur, the use is limited. This method operates as the boom winch lifts the vehicle’s axle or frame from where the chain loops around it.
Boom: The vehicle that needs to be towed is lifted by a boom winch system that attaches.
Integrated: This combination system involved the boom and the wheel lift equipment.

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