Towing Info Checklist in Terrell, TX; Location, Cost, Remove Personal Belongings Before Tow & More

When you find yourself broken down or needing an emergency towing service, you’ll find yourself on the phone with a towing service operator who will be asking a number of different questions. These questions are to gather needed information for both you and the towing service to ensure a better experience. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will share with you the towing service needed information checklist.

Give Info on Location when Calling a Tow Company

When you first call for a towing service, they will first ask where you are located. You will want to provide as much detail as to your location as possible to ensure the tow truck driver can find you quickly. After they have your location, they will ask what make and model your vehicle is. This information is to make sure that they send the right tow truck and again locate you faster. Locating you and your vehicle is key for the driver. If you are near a local business or on the highway, be sure to provide the needed information to locate you.

Towed Vehicle Locator

Another question the towing service asks is the location the vehicle will be towed to. This can sometimes put customers on the spot and they may have not yet considered where they want their vehicle towed. You will need to determine where you will want your vehicle towed in order to provide a proper quote for the cost of the towing service. The towing service will need to calculate the total distance. Many people will have the vehicle towed to their home. However, to avoid two towing charges, you may want to have the vehicle towed to your mechanic. Keep in mind, you will need to contact your mechanic first.

Cost to Tow a Car

As a customer you may want to know how much it will cost to have your vehicle towed. As previously mentioned, the total distance is calculated. However, if your vehicle tires are damaged or the vehicle has been in an accident, often it will require a flatbed tow truck which can affect the total cost. Many homeowners assume their insurance will cover the cost of the towing. However, there are a few major factors to consider. The first one is if your insurance plan even covers towing fees. You will need to go over your insurance policy to see if towing service is covered.

Remove Personal Belongings from Car Before Being Towed

Once you have contacted a towing service and have given them the needed information, you will receive a quote for the service. Your next step will be to get personal belongings out of the vehicle. Make sure to go through the trunk, glove box, and the entire inside of the vehicle. Make sure to remove any personal belongings and documents you may need if you are not having the vehicle towed directly to your home.

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When seeking a towing service you may be wondering what questions they will ask. Therefore, it is good to always be prepared for this scenario. However, seeking towing services is easy and not as stressful as it may seem. Some towing services also provide roadside assistance which includes tire changes, fuel delivery, battery jumps and more. For quality service, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance today.

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