What is the Major Challenge Tow Truck Drivers Face in The Colony, TX? Driving Distractions, Road Navigation & More

When you get stuck somewhere with car problems and you need to call a tow truck. Do you ever think how dangerous it can be for the tow truck driver? A tow truck driver works hard and works in unsafe conditions, but they are always there to help you. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance wants you to know and understand what challenges these drivers have to face when they are helping you.

Other Drivers

Have you ever been on the side of the road because your car has broken down or because you need to pull over for something? It can be scary. Well, as a tow truck driver that is their job. They are by the side of the road every time a car needs help. They have cars passing by them at high speeds and work on cars in dimly lit areas. Yes, they do wear bright color clothing and they do use flares so people can see them better. But that doesn’t always keep them safe.

Dangerous Surroundings when Towing

As a driver, you never hope you are going to break down. Often when you break down it is because of an emergency situation and you can’t get to a safe place. When you break down in dangerous places that aren’t safe for you, such as narrow lanes or rough terrain. It is also dangerous for the tow truck driver. But the tower truck still needs to get your car moved to a better place.

Driving Distractions

Being distracted can be a big problem for a tow truck driver. Yes, they are always at risk of other drivers not paying attention to them. But there can be distractions by the tow truck driver himself. They are human and can get tired and fatigued. These professionals need to know their surroundings and even though they are professionals, accidents can happen, and sometimes they can get distracted.

Road Navigation

As a driver, our cars can go through some rough or winding roads and they can go on some single-lane narrow roads. As much as these roads can be hard and sometimes dangerous for your car. It is even more dangerous for a tow truck. It can be a really hard job for a tow truck to quickly and safely get to the location they are supposed to be and then tow your car out of the rough and winding roads.

Towing in Rain & Other Bad Weather

Driving in bad weather is hard enough for anyone. Now let’s add trying to tow something while you are trying to see through the rain or trying to stay on the slick road or keep your car under control with the wind. Then you have to remember that there are others driving on the road that are also trying to be safe and stay on the road.

Towing & Roadside Assistance in Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, Carrollton & Plano Texas

Being a tow truck driver can in some cases be a dangerous job. But making sure you hire someone that has the knowledge and are professional can ensure your safety and the tow truck driver’s safety. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance are professionals and know what they are doing. Give us a call to help assist you with your car.

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