Vehicle Maintenance Tips in Carrollton, TX; Check Engine Light, Tire Pressure, Car Fluids & More

Your car is one of your most valuable investments and maintaining it is a combination of professional mechanical work and things you can do on a regular basis. Mistakes can be made by both sides that can cause problems. If you want your car to be reliable then you’ll need to practice maintenance skills. This will have your valuable investments running great and it will last longer too! What are some of the ways you can avoid common maintenance tips?

Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

1. Ignoring small details– Small things can add up quickly when it comes to maintenance on a car. If small things are missed, you’ll start having issues with your car sooner than you’d like.
2. Neglecting the air filter in your car– Replacing the filter in your car needs to be done regularly because when dirt starts to buildup it can affect the air flow. These filters are very easy to change.
3. Overlooking brake pads– When brake pads get worn down it can affect the steering system in the car. Worn down brake pads can also put your car at more risk of an accident. Brake pads need to be checked and changed when needed.
4. Ignoring car fluids– The fluids are essential to the way our car runs. If fluid levels aren’t maintained, you can run into all sorts of problems so check them to protect your car.
5. Overlooking tire pressure– If tires are neglected there are a few problems that can happen. You may experience a blowout. They also need to be rotated and tire pressure needs to be maintained to keep your car safe.
6. Neglecting windshield wipers– Windshield wipers are easy to overlook but hey will start to get brittle and wear down. This can scratch your windshield or cause them to be extremely ineffective during a downpour.
7. Driving with an overheated engine– It doesn’t male sense why someone would do this, but they do. Take your car off the road at the first sign of overheating for safety and to prevent any further damage.
8. Ignoring check engine light– The check engine light comes on for a reason, it means check the engine! Your car may still run but the problem may be minor or very serious, so don’t delay.

Towing & Roadside Assistance in Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, Carrollton & Plano Texas

If you experience a breakdown you should safely pull over, regardless of where the breakdown occurs. Turn your hazard lights on and leave them on until help arrives. Turn the wheels to the road and use your parking brake to prevent your car from rolling off the roadway should your brakes fail. Call for help and let your friends and family know what’s going on. Stay in the car for safety. This isn’t the best place to be in a non-running car but being outside your vehicle is dangerous and should be avoided if you can. Don’t make these common mistakes in maintaining your car. Doing so can have you stranded on the side of the road. If you should have a breakdown, contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance for help.

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