Vehicle Not Starting in Arlington, TX? Dead Car Battery, Bad Starter or Alternator & More

We are all so used to heading out the door, getting in our car and starting off our day. Well if you go out and your car won’t start your day never begins. Most people take time to check the air in the tires, re-fuel it with gas and change the oil when necessary. You also know that when there is a check engine light on you need to have the car inspected and make any necessary repairs. When you try to start the car most people assume that the battery is dead. Although that can be one of the problems that would prevent your vehicle from starting it is not the only culprit. You want to ensure that you do some checks to find out what one of the few things it can be. You may be able to fix the problem with some ease while others require the car being towed to a garage and repaired by a mechanic.

Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance Lists the Tops Reasons Your Car Won’t Start

Dead Car Battery: When you go out to the car to start it most people start with checking the state of the battery. The battery can go dead for several reasons. One is that the battery is simply dead and has no life left. It has a life that it is intended to last for and when that time is up it usually just goes out on you. You will need to take the battery out and replace it with a new one if that is the case. The other problem could be that the battery has just been drained. We have all been in the position where you go out to get something from the car and leave a light on. That one light is enough to drain the battery and prevent it from having enough juice to start your car in the morning. The fix for that is to have your car battery jumped. This is a process that you need to use a second car of battery and some cables. The cables are attached to two cars so that the energy from the second car recharges the battery in your car.
Car Starter Goes Out: If you go out to your car and you know that your battery has not been drained and it is in good shape the next step is to have your starter checked. The signs that your starter is the problem is when you go to start the vehicle there is a click followed by more clicks. The car start or even turn over. The clicking is the starter saying that is cannot engage so that the car will not start.
Bad Alternator: The alternator works almost like a charger for your battery and it is built right in. It has a spark that helps the engine run and it also charges the battery only while the car is started. If the alternator is not working the battery has to do all the work and is not being recharged. It will last the trip but if you go back out and start the car the next day it will not.

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