What Do the Numbers & Letters on Tires Mean in Lewisville, TX? Recommended Tire Pressure, Speed Rating & More

It is important to know the details about your vehicle. From the type of fuel, oil and air filters to the tires on your vehicle for proper care and maintenance. For our vehicle’s ride and safety, tires are one of the most critical components and catalysts. For proper performance however, your vehicle has specific tire information that needs to be learned and applied. To help ensure a longer lifespan and safety for those traveling in your vehicle, understanding their designated specifications as the tires wear down over time offers advantages. Being that safety is among our top priorities, we feel it is important to understand the tire information. With this in mind, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance Services would like to help you understand your tire information.

Recommended Tire Air Pressure

For peak performance and safety, all tires have a specific tire air pressure which must be followed. Specific for each vehicle, every tire depending on size and style will have a maximum PSI and a recommended PSI. The inside of your driver’s side door, the side of the tire, and in your vehicle’s owner manual is where you can find your tire’s air pressure.

Tire Speed Rating

The speed rating is another essential element to the tire. While driving in ideal conditions, this number shows the maximum speed your tires can withstand with the total weight of your car and anything inside. Be sure to find your tire for the speed rating by looking in your owner’s manual and the sidewall of your tire. Keep in mind that in inclement weather, icy or wet roads, or unpaved surfaces, the speed ratings should never be followed.

Tire Load Index

How much weight your tires can withstand is indicated by the load index. This number is also shown on the sidewall of the tire. Never install a tire that has a lower load index than the ones that originally came on your vehicle, as this is a vital to your safety.

TPMS – Tire Pressure Monitoring System

All vehicles made in 2006 and after to have the TPMS installed in the car’s computer components when congressed passed the TREAD act. When your tires have fallen below the proper air pressure settings they call for, an indication is illuminated on your dashboard with this warning system. For longevity and keeping repair and replacement costs low learning about the tire information for your vehicle is not only a good practice, but it can literally make the difference between life and death when traveling on the busy Irving streets and highways.

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