What Does a Tune Up Do for Your Vehicle in Southlake, TX; Prevent Car Breakdown & More

What a tune up for your vehicle includes will vary from one garage to the next. Generally, a set of preventative measures will be taken along with upkeep that will target issues and fix small problems before they take a nasty turn; issues that might leave you stranded on the side of the road and shelling out money for an expensive repair. Having regular tune ups is a great thing to do for your vehicle. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance outlines some of the advantages of having a tune up.

Improve Gas Mileage

A tune up will take care of every little thing that’s going on in your vehicle. The little things that you have no clue about that may be causing you to spend more money on gas. For example, if your brakes are sticking it can cause your vehicle to use more gas. A tune up will address the brake system in your vehicle and replace brake pads, if needed. Here’s another example. When tires aren’t straight you may experience poor gas mileage. Your tires will be rotated during a tune up to ensure they aren’t rubbing on axles and impacting your gas mileage.

Provides a Smoother Ride

As your vehicle ages, it won’t run as efficiently as it once did. Your vehicle may start to shake a bit, you may hear odd noises, maybe it doesn’t start as easily as it used to. A mechanic will find any problem, figure out why it’s happening and fix it. There are many internal parts of your vehicle that can stop working properly and lead to many issues. A licensed mechanic will ensure your vehicle gets you where you need to go safely and comfortably.
Addresses lights on the dashboard. Lights that illuminate on the dashboard of your vehicle do so for a reason. They are telling you that something is wrong. Mechanics can quickly diagnose what the problem is, fix it and get you back on the road.

Complete & Detailed Examination of Car

A tune up for your vehicle is like that medical checkup you get done once a year. It will make sure all the parts are working properly, find any issues and provide way to fix them. Just like your doctor will advise you on ways to improve your health, your mechanic will advise you on ways to improve your vehicle. This will improve handling, lower the chances of a breakdown, and provide you with a better ride.

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During a tune up, your mechanic will run a code scan to check for ignition problems or exhaust leaks. They will check everything from the valves, the rings, the gaskets, hoses all the way to the battery voltage and any other leaks. Bottom line, a mechanic will take care of the smallest issue before it becomes a huge problem. That means a smaller repair bill and avoiding a significant one down the road. Take care of your vehicle and your vehicle will take care of you. Contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance for towing or roadside assistance if you happen to find yourself in a bad situation!

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