What You Must Remember when Driving Next to a Motorcycle in Seagoville, TX to Avoid an Accident

Many people find it a thrill to be a on a motorcycle where you can truly feel the wind on your face as you ride down the road. While this can be exhilarating, it can also be dangerous if you aren’t following some simple safety guidelines. However, it is also important that drivers are aware of motorcycles and following some safety measures that will keep everyone safe as we share the road. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance is here to share some of these tips to hopefully help you avoid any accidents in the future.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

Following are our top tips for those of you that are riding on motorcycles.
– Wear a Helmet: This may be a no brainer, but there are many motorcyclists out there that aren’t wearing a helmet every time they get on their bike. This is the number one safety tip that all motorcyclists should be following. Protect your head!
– Know Your Bike: Before you get out on any rides that involve congested streets, make sure you are completely comfortable on your motorcycle and know what you are doing. Every motorcycle is different and you need to know how yours rides and handles before you are mixing in with too much traffic.
– Drive Defensively: Don’t trust that the other drivers around you know that you’re there. You should be driving as if everyone around you is out to get you. Be hyperaware of the other drivers on the road with you. Try to anticipate what could happen as you drive down the road so that you have a better chance at avoiding an accident.
– Avoid Bad Weather when Riding Your Motorcycle: If you are on a motorcycle, any change in the weather can be a dangerous situation. Try to avoid moisture on the road as a motorcycle can’t handle it like other vehicles.

What You Must Remember when Driving Next to or Near a Motorcycle

If you are driving in your vehicle, these are the things that you should be doing to ensure the safety of yourself as well as those around you.
– Blind Spots: Motorcycles are so much smaller than other vehicles on the road, that they can easily fit into your blind spots. Make sure you are visually checking your blind spots and not just relying on your mirrors.
– Don’t Follow Motorcycles Closely: You should keep a little more distance when you are behind a motorcycle than you would car. They have a quicker reaction time than you do, so make sure you give yourself enough space to react if the need arises.
– Turn Carefully: When you are turning, make sure you are using blinkers so motorcycles and other cars around you know what you’re doing. Also before turning left, make sure you check that sneaky blind spot one more time.

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