What to Do when Your Car Overheats in Rockwall, TX? Tune on Heater, Safely Open Hood, Tow & More

During the hot summer months a car’s engine can reach over 200 degrees. An engine has an internal cooling system to prevent the engine from becoming too hot. If an engine overheats, it can lead to major damages to the engine and even complete failure. It is important to properly react to an overheating engine or you can ruin you vehicle’s engine. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will share what to do when your vehicle overheats and if or when to seek a towing service.

Should You Turn on the Heater if Your Car is Overheating?

When your vehicle begins to overheat, start by turning off the air conditioning and turn up the heat. This may seem weird and no one wants to run the heat in the summer. However, running the heater can help disperse the heat from the engine. This will give you a little bit more time to find a safe place to pull over. Once you notice the vehicle overheating, turn on the heater and begin to look for a safe place to get off the road. Whatever you do, do not keep driving the vehicle. Driving the vehicle too long will cause major damages. If possible, look for a parking lot or place with little traffic. Once you have pulled of the road, turn the engine off.

Does Opening the Hood Cool the Engine?

Once the engine has been turned off, go ahead and open the hood to help release the heat faster, and then back away from the vehicle. Do not look at the engine as soon as you open the hood. There is the possibility of steam or boiling coolant that can hurt you. Give the engine time to cool down before inspecting the engine. Once the engine has cooled down, look for leaks around the radiator and check the coolant levels. If the coolant is low or if you have discovered a leak, this is most likely the cause of the overheating. Other times the radiator’s fan might have broken and is not cooling down the engine.

Do I Need a Tow for an Overheating Engine?

Depending on the cause of the overheating you may be able to refill the coolant and drive the vehicle long enough to get to your mechanics or to your home. However, if the engine runs hot and doesn’t cool down, at this point it is best to have the vehicle towed. You could potentially lose your entire engine if you run it while it is overheating. If you are unsure why your vehicle is overheating and do know much about engines, consider contacting a towing and roadside assistance service. They can come ready to refill your coolant or tow your vehicle. They can help get you home and your vehicle off of the road.

How to Prevent an Overheating Engine

To prevent overheating it is important to maintain your vehicle. Every few weeks consider checking your coolant levels. If the coolant is low, this indicates a leak as the coolant should never run out. This will help you seek the needed repairs before you find yourself on the side of the road. Along with checking the coolant level, inspect the drive belt. If there is any sign of wear, have it replaced before it breaks. Additionally, keep the radiator clean as dirt or dead bugs can affect the cooling system’s performance.

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