When We Need a Tow in Garland, TX; Stalled Out, Warning Lights Come On, Smoking Car, Loud Sounds & More

Many people have an inner debate on whether or not to handle a situation themselves or call for a tow. Preventative maintenance can help you avoid these debates but sometimes, unexpected problems happen on the road, and you have to make decision. Though some cases allow you to limp your vehicle to a nearby shop, there are some situations that requires a tow for safety and/ or to prevent further damage. With this in mind, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to share when you should call for a tow.

Why Do We Need Towing for a Roadside Emergency?

Stalled Out. To avoid costly damage, if your vehicles stall out, call for a tow.
Warning Lights Come On. If the check engine light is flashing, make sure you have your car towed, but your check engine light comes on steady (not flashing) then you can still drive. The problem will continue to cause more damage to your car as long as it’s running since the flashing check engine light means there is an immediate problem that is ongoing. Have your car towed if any of your fluid warning lights come on and you don’t have that fluid handy to refill. You may want to bring your vehicle to the shop as soon as possible, even you do have the fluid handy, since you are likely leaking if you are losing fluids. Don’t try to drive the car if your oil light is on, otherwise, you can damage the engine. Do not drive if the high-temperature light is on or your temperature gauge is high. When the metal parts of your car get hot, they’ll warp. Additional problems that will cost you more in the long run as well by driving with a hot engine. If you are ever in doubt, play it safe and call for a tow.
Your Automobile is Smoking. It’s probably from an oil leak seeping onto the engine if the smoke is bluish and smells like burnt cooking oil. Check your oil levels and the rate of the leakage. You shouldn’t drive if the leak is too big because having no oil in your car can destroy the engine, and there’s a chance you’ll run out of oil before reaching the shop. It is dangerous when you have white smoke or vapor those smells like gasoline coming out of your hood. Get as far away as you can, do not open the hood, and call emergency services.
Abrupt Loud Sounds. Pull over and see if you can figure out where the sound came from if you hear a sudden loud noise from your car while driving. You may have driven over something on the road, something may have become detached, or it could be a more serious problem. Call for a tow if you cannot figure out the source of the sounds.
Drivability or Handling Decreases Suddenly. It’s important to pull over and check out the situation if while driving your car suddenly becomes difficult to steer, wobbly, or begins pulling in one direction. The erratic handling could be from a flat or low tire, a loose wheel, slight ruts in the road made from large semi-trucks, or even weather issues. Only drive if your car is controllable and the problem is a mild one.

Towing & Roadside Assistance in Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, Carrollton & Plano Texas

If you have a flat with no spare, a dead battery that won’t jump, or there is more to your vehicle than needing some fuel, getting a tow is in your better interest as well. For quality towing and roadside assistance services in Irving, TX and surrounding areas, call in the experts of Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance and let us assist you!

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