What Should You Do if Your Vehicle Breaks Down in Grand Prairie, TX? Stay or Leave Vehicle While Waiting for a Tow & More

You and your passengers can be at risk from a number of hazards, though know that experiencing a break down can be frustrating, but they do occur. Partially due to the drivers not taking care, there is an alarming the percentage of death and injuries have increased in the last few years, tragically. Should your vehicle experience a breakdown, the safety of you and others is the top priority. If your vehicles break down, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to offer some safety tips to apply.

What Should You Do if Your Vehicle has Broken Down?

1) Note Traffic: When the vehicle becomes inoperable, be sure to get your vehicle our of traffic as safely as possible. Even if the roads are small and don’t have much traffic, always get off or as far from the road as possible. If you need to manually push the vehicle off the road, experts recommend that you control the wheel turned towards the shoulder/side of the road to prevent the vehicle from accidentally being pushed or rolled into traffic. In addition to propping the hood open to increase the visibility of your current situation, be sure to turn the hazard lights and place roadside cones or flares (whichever you keep in your roadside kit) around the vehicle.
2) Smoke Hazards: To prevent fire, there are precautions, though modern vehicles are less likely to catch fire. Stay vigilant in looking for signs of fire, such as smoke and sparks, despite the precautions. Should you notice smoke or fire, keep you and the passengers away from the vehicle until help arrives.
3) Stay or Leave the Vehicle?: You should do what you can to not leave the vehicle when it breaks down, except for dangerous scenarios where it is unsafe to do so. Stay inside your vehicle if you are not able to move the vehicle off the road. Particularly in denser traffic, there is low visibility and getting out of the vehicle to attempt repairs or stretching your legs can be dangerous. Make certain to watch for traffic and be sure it is clear and safe before you exit if you must depart the vehicle.
4) Repairs or Roadside: Unless you are dealing with a flat tire, and even then, it is questionable, everyone, including those who know a bit about vehicles should not try to perform any repairs on the roadside. By moving vehicles or causing other damage to the vehicle, getting out of the automobile and trying to fix any issues only increases the risk of be struck.

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And you should take all the steps you can to increase the safety of you, your passengers, and avoid further damage to your automobile, as mentioned, safety is the number priority, ultimately. Call in the experts ofSpeedway Towing & Roadside Assistance and we will get to your location as quickly as possible to provide the towing or roadside services you require to help you in your current predicament if you have experienced a down vehicle in the Greater Irvine, TX area.

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