Why Self Towing is a Bad Idea in Trophy Club, TX? Damage & Other Risks of a DIY Tow Pull with Your Car

Towing your own car seems like a good idea when it is down. With the tutorials and information available at your fingertips, you may think it is a fairly simple process, especially when you have a willing friend giving you a hand. Whether you are trying to save time or money, or both, attempting a self-tow is not something you should try. Unfortunately, there are mild to extreme risks involved that can cause end up costing you time, money, and even injury. Today, we at Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance would like to stress the reasons why towing is bad idea.

When You Can Tow a Car By Yourself?

If you are comfortable with it, you can rent tow dolly or car carrier to tow your car to tow a vehicle when you are planning a long-distance move. Though many towing experts can provide long-distance towing if you want to help.

Dangers of Self-Towing

As mentioned, many people attempt a self-tow when they are trying to save time and money. However, others may be trying to conquer the problem themselves. In any case, we would like to share the top dangers of towing a vehicle on your own.

Damage & Other Risks of Towing Your Own Vehicle

1) Damage Risks. The last thing you need if your vehicle already has an issue is creating further damage and towing your own vehicle can likely lead to more damage. In order to hook up and tow your vehicle safely, professionals have all of the necessary equipment and expertise. Because they have rules about how your vehicle must be towed after a collision, the worst part is that some insurance companies will not cover damage that occurs due to DIY towing.
2) Laws and Regulations. Towing rules and laws differ from each state. Many states require you to use safety chains and taillights, for example. Some states also require extra precautions as well. For towing vehicles, there are also maximum towing limits. They are unlikely to know their state’s regulations or to have the proper equipment at hand since the average person is not trained in towing. You can find yourself in legal trouble when towing your own vehicle.
3) The Process is Complex. Towing is a job that requires proper education and tools while the internet often makes it seem easy. Tow vehicle tongue weight, rating, and towbar ratings are among the various factors you must consider when you tow a vehicle. You are at risk of damaging your vehicle or the vehicle used for towing if any of these factors are not handled properly.
4) Minimize Time and Stress. Though you may think a short distance tow would be quicker to take care of yourself as opposed waiting for a tow expert to complete the tow. However, the fact is that it will probably take longer for you to attempt your own tow. They can complete a towing job more efficiently than someone without the proper training and equipment since towing companies have a team of trained professionals. When you only need a short tow, it can be very difficult to wait for a tow company after a frustrating event as it will save you time and hassle in the long run.

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