Winter Driving Safety Tips in Benbrook, TX; How to Drive in Ice & Snow to Avoid a Car Accident

While it doesn’t snow much in Dallas, TX you may need to drive out of state and in extreme weather such as snow. Driving in the snow is something that gives many people anxiety. This anxiety comes from a number of different sources. Some people have had a prior experience driving in the snow that was negative. Some people feel unprepared to drive in the snow due to lack of knowledge about how to do so safely. Some people have seen too many accidents and cars on the side of the road in the snow over the years. Some people just simply fear things that are out of the norm. Whatever your reason for having anxiety about driving in the snow, Speedway Towing has some simple tips today to help ease your anxious mind and help you stay safe when traveling on the road when it is snowing.

Reduce Speed when Driving in Snow

When it is snowing the first thing that you want to make sure you pay attention to is the gas pedal. You will want to ease up on the gas pedal when it is snowy outside. Even if the roads appear fine, there may be black ice on the road that can still be dangerous. If the roads do not appear safe, we recommend not driving on them at all. If they are clear you will want to accelerate or slow down very deliberately and cautiously. Any sudden surge of power or hard braking can cause your wheels to spin or slide. You will want to give yourself plenty of extra space for slowing down or speeding in snowy conditions.

Increase Vehicle Following Distance

Slowing down takes more time on snowy roads so you will want to make sure to keep that in the forefront of your mind when driving on them. It is recommended that you increase the interval of space between you and the car in front of you. Most states advise that you double the interval that you would normally keep between you and the vehicle in front of you to allow yourself enough time to stop or maneuver safely.

Driving Uphill & Down Steep Hills in Snow

If you have to go up a hill on snowy roads you will want to start your ascent with sufficient power and keep your foot on the accelerator. Do not stop your climb as you are going up the hill. Once you reach the top of the hill be careful as you go down the hill. You will want to slowly reduce your speed at the top of the hill and carefully make your way down the other side of the hill. If you make sudden movements with your wheels on the snowy roads you could make your wheels spin.

Anti-Lock Brakes in Snow

Newer cars will have an anti-lock brake system. Anti-lock brake systems reduce the number of accidents as well as the severity of any accidents that occur. In 2012 a federal law requires new cars to have electronic stability control. This is a system that works with your anti-lock brake system to help keep you safe. The anti-lock brake system will help if you begin skidding on the road. If you have an older vehicle without an anti-lock brake system you will want to keep your heel on the floor and use the ball of your foot to firmly press the brake. Even with your anti-lock brake system you should try to stop only if absolutely necessary. Once you stop it is extremely difficult to get moving again, especially if the snow is deep and you do not have winter tires or chains.

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Hopefully all of these tips will keep you safely on the road this winter. If you do find yourself on the side of the road, please give Speedway Towing a call. We can come out and help you with anything that you need!

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