Car Breaks Down While Driving Far from Home in the Middle of Nowhere in Fort Worth, TX

There is always a first time for everything. When your vehicle breaks down for the first time you may not know what to do. However, when your vehicle breaks there are certain steps you can take to help ensure safety and immediate assistance. Citywide Towing Service will like to share the basic protocol and each step you should take to ensure you stay safe and get the help you need.

Step 1. Get Off the Road if Your Car Breaks Down

When your vehicle breaks down you will need to attempt to get off the road, often the driver will notice a problem is occurring and can get off the road before the vehicle comes to a complete stop. However, if your vehicle stop in the mild of the road you will want to try to get the car off to help ensure safety. When a problem with the vehicle first occur always turn on your hazard light to signal other driver you’re having an issue. Hopefully the other drivers will slow down and give you room to get off the road. Next you will want to get your vehicle to the most right lane if possible, occasionally a vehicle may break down and you can make to the right then pull off to the left. However, always try to get to the right lane first.

Step 2. Place Emergency Triangles or Hazard Devices

If you have any emergency triangles, caution cone or road flares behind the vehicle. About every five feet place a cone or flare about 30 to 50 feet to help warn other driver of your position. It can be difficult to see vehicles as other drivers especially during night time, you will want to make you vehicle visible to other driver to help ensure your safety.

Step 3. Contact a Towing Company

Depending on the condition of your vehicle you will want to get it off the road as soon as possible. You will need to determine if you need roadside assistance or towing services. If your vehicle can be repaired contact roadside assistance however, if the situation more direr call for a towing service. While you wait also contact a family member or friend to tell them of your situation and your awaiting help. Make sure to tell them your location in the event you need additional help.

Step 4. Wait for Roadside Assistance Help

While you’re waiting for assistance make sure sit out and away from the vehicle if possible in the event another driver doesn’t see your vehicle. If your on a freeway make sure your pull off and as far away from traffic as possible and stay in your vehicle. If your vehicle will need to be towed make sure to remove any personal belongs and your insurance and registration in the event you may need to provide copies to recover or repair your vehicle. If you vehicle need repair you may want to have it towed to your mechanic, you may need to contact and see if they are able to receive your vehicle within the hour, or you may need to have it towed to your home or to the storage impound. It important to to have an idea before the tow truck drive arrives where you will want your vehicle towed if needed.

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When you break down make sure to stay safe and get help quick. If you find you need roadside assistance or towing services contact Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance.

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