What Do Drivers Need to Be Aware of when Sharing the Road with Bicyclists in Arlington, TX?

When you are on the road there are many different things you have to pay attention to while you are driving. Large trucks, motorcycles, pedestrians, road work, traffic signals, and bicyclists are all things you need to be aware of when you are behind the wheel. Many times drivers are not educated in how to share the road with bicyclists and are anxious when they see them on the road when they are driving. We are hoping that today we can take away some of the anxiety that sharing the road with bicyclists may be causing you.

Bicycle Accident & Death Statistics

Hundreds of bicyclists are killed each year in traffic accidents. As the number of bicyclists increases, so does the number of people killed or injured in traffic accidents while cycling. Cycling has become a more popular activity in recent years. In 2012 Texas was ranked 16th out of 50 on the list of deadliest states for cyclists. We are sure you are just as interested as Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance are in reducing that number. There are things that both the cyclists and the driver need to do to help reduce the number of accidents.

How to Reduce & Prevent Cyclists Getting Hit By Cars

Let’s start with what drivers can do.
• You should try and stay at least three feet away from any cyclist on the road. This may mean that you have to slow down and drive behind the cyclist until you can safely pass them if there isn’t a bike lane on the road.
• Pass bicyclists on the left. This is the safest of both the car and the bike.
• Always check your blind spot for cyclists before changing lanes.
• Drive cautiously if you see a bicyclist on the road. Be extremely careful not to tailgate a bike rider.
• If children are riding bicycles on a street that you are driving on we urge to take extreme care. Children are known to be unpredictable when they are riding bikes. They also don’t know the traffic laws and are more likely to do something that could put them in danger.

Bicycle Safety on the Road

Now let’s move on to what bicyclists can do.
• Bicycles are considered vehicles. The same rules that apply to cars apply to you if you are riding a bike. Make sure that you obey all traffic control signs.
• Use hand signals to indicate stops and turns so that drivers know where you are headed on the road.
• Make sure that you wear a helmet at all times when riding your bike. Many people wear a helmet incorrectly. You can look online for common mistakes bike riders make when buying helmets or putting them on.
• Always ride in the same directions as traffic. It is safest if you travel in the furthest lane to the right that will get you to your destination.
• Drivers may not be on the lookout for bike riders on the road. Wearing bright clothing can help them notice that you are on the road. If you ride at night you should have a reflective clothing or tape on your clothes at all times.

Towing & Roadside Assistance in Irving, Fort Worth, Arlington, Carrollton & Plano Texas

Knowledge is the most important part of preventing an accident with cyclists. If both the bike rider and the driver of the car know the norm for sharing the road with each other accidents will naturally decrease. If you do find yourself in an accident with a bike rider and need your car towed please call Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance today.

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