Common Tire Defects, Tread Separation, Sidewall Blowout & Failure Analysis in Irving, TX; Under Inflated Tires, Uneven Wear & More

On occasion, the tires on our vehicles fail us during the worst of times. Flat tires and blowouts happen without warning. However what causes the tire fail and seeing the warning signs can help spare the driver the need to stop and change their tire or call roadside assistance. Speedway Towing & Roadside Assistance will…

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Signs Your Car Has Electrical Problems in Plano, TX; Dim or Flickering Dashboard Lights, Dead Battery, Alternator, Starter & More

Electrical problems in vehicles are difficult to detect and diagnose. Unlike other mechanical problems that wheeze or creak, electrical problems don’t often make any obvious announcements. Often you will need a mechanic to run a digital diagnostic in order to discover the tiniest electrical problem. As most electrical vehicular problems don’t make themselves known until…

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